Cottage Roll-Top Desk

This roll-top desk is perfect for using and storing a laptop computer. The 18 ½ in. wide and 15 ½ in. deep desk allows for amply space to store even a large laptop computer. The fold down front extends the desk top an extra 8 ½ ins. giving the user plenty of work space .With a desk top height of 31 ¼ ins. and a total height of 47 ½ ins. this roll top desk is perfect for any location. With four shelves and a drawer this desk has plenty of storage space. The roll-top provides the privacy any user desires, but opens to create an uncluttered working area. The sturdy base provides stability, but is detachable allowing for easy shipping.

custom rolltop deak closed
custom rolltop desk halfway open
custom rolltop desk open
custom rolltop desk side view
custom rolltop desk drawer open


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